"End the Limo Loophole"

The "Infrastructure" bill making it's way through our US legislature this year has some provisions in it that affect the limousine industry.

Right now, when renting a Sprinter, some companies use chauffeurs that don't have a CDL. This is allowed for any Sprinter with 15 passenger capacity or less. The bill would change this to making a CDL mandatory for all Sprinters with a capacity of 9 or more.

This would protect our guests and make our industry safer and force the marginal o

perators out of business. Our ultimate goal at Gulfstream Limo is secure, discreet luxury and we want the industry as a whole to follow our lead.

This whole discussion was prompted by the tragedy in Schoharie, New York in 2018. Ask your limo provider if their chauffeurs have up to date CDL qualifications for the type of vehicle they are operating. It's important.

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